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Codigo de dinheiro para slrr 2.3.1

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Codigo de dinheiro para slrr 2.3.1

Mensagem por katsuooo em Seg Dez 05, 2016 4:18 pm

alguem sabe o codigo para o slrr 2.3.1?

Duhen 1.5
Duhen 1.5

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Re: Codigo de dinheiro para slrr 2.3.1

Mensagem por ruanvoigt em Sex Dez 09, 2016 12:51 pm

By many requests, we have unlocked the cheats, you don't need to complete career mode now since it's quite difficult to do with all these random crashes and weird bugs.

IMPORTANT: go to Extras -> Hidden options and check if everything is enabled there. You can disable auto save if you're scared that game will corrupt your savegame file after another crash.

Here's the description of all hidden options:

Special codes that you type in garage
- testme (get any car, sometimes crashes when you call it, be careful!)
- letmeroc (go to ROC immediately)
- reddevil (go to the red club with 1st position in rating)
- begformoney (adds $100K of cash)

To use garage codes, just type one of them while being in garage, then click screwdriver button. If nothing happened, the code didn't work.

Hotkeys that give you advantages on track or in the city. Keys list:
- F9 (flying camera for screenshots, use PgUp, PgDown, A, Z, Num+, Num- to control it)
- Num0 (freeze time)
- Enter (bullet time, slowmotion)
- 1 (repair car)
- 2 (reset car, stop it immediately)

Go to Event List menu, select racing event and press R key to bypass requirements and join the event.

Enables engine kits, body kits and suspension kits in catalog. Use these kits to build the cars quickly.

As it says, this controls automatic career saving in the game.

A bit buggy feature. It removes driver from your car to let you make screenshots without him.

Click SAVE to save your settings in hidden options menu.

Duhen 1.5
Duhen 1.5

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